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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Heart Flips for San Francisco!

Add another presbytery to the FLIP list!

Congratulations to the presbytery San Francisco who voted in favor of amendment A Tuesday, 198-143-1. Strange to call San Francisco a flip, but last time around they voted against equality 167-177-4.

They have been redeemed.

Give San Francisco a FLIPPER!

Also, the presbytery of Northern Kansas continued its support of equality and approved "A" today, 69-20. Nicely done.

The reckoning is 80-58.

That means we need only seven more YESes to make a significant step in healing the church.

  • We have had 16 positive flips.
  • We have had 2 negative switches.
  • So that means 14 net flips.
  • 35 presbyteries are yet to vote.
  • 12 of those had voted YES last time.
  • We are in good shape.
  • But there is a lot of work to do.
For more details check the vote charts:

I am still holding on to my projection that the 87th YES will be cast on May 17th. I have been channeling the ghost of Harvey Milk and he has told me that one of three presbyteries, Des Moines, New York, or Charlotte, whichever presbytery votes second on that day, will cast the 87th ballot.

You read it here first. If wrong, you will kindly forget it.

De Cristo (59-48 last time) votes on Saturday.


  1. Disappointing about DeCristo. I notice it is in Southern Arizona, that bastion of Tea Party-ism, but have no idea whether local reactionary political culture had anything to do with the outcome.

  2. Yep, I have been so busy I hadn't the chance to post that one.

    De Cristo NO 62-62. Tie means no. A switch in the wrong direction.

    Tally 80-59.

    These last seven will be difficult.