Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Minnesota Valleys Votes No

The battle for equality in the PC(USA) is tightening as is expected. Minnesota Valleys became the second presbytery to move from a pro-equality vote in 2008-09 to a no this year, defeating Amendment A, 51-55.

Fourteen presbyteries have flipped from a No vote in 2008-09 to a YES in 2010-11. This could come down to one vote in one presbytery. It is that close.

The tally is 75-57.

Amendment A needs 87 affirmative votes to pass. If the remaining presbyteries who voted YES in 2008-09 vote YES this time, it will pass with 90 affirmative votes. As we have seen in Minnesota Valleys, there is no guarantee of that.

Those who oppose Amendment A are working hard.

We have to work harder.

Other votes this past week:
  • Milwaukee YES 73-22-5
  • Charleston-Atlantic no 49-55 (a huge improvement though from 08-09)
  • North Puget Sound no 53-89-1
  • Coastal Carolina no 113-192-1.
South Louisiana and Southern Kansas vote today. Both voted against last time (South Louisiana 42-55 and Southern Kansas 35-69). Hoping for FLIPS in both!