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Sunday, April 17, 2011

De Cristo Just Misses

The Presbytery of De Cristo voted 62-62 on Amendment A. In this business a tie means NO. This vote, sadly, is a switch in the wrong direction. Last time around De Cristo voted YES 59-48. Three presbyteries that have previously voted YES for equality have switched their vote this time to no. Compare that to 16 presbyteries that have flipped to YES from no.

The reckoning is 80-59 and we need seven more presbyteries to vote YES to make this important change this year. If it doesn't pass, then we do this all again in two years.

It sure would be nice to do it this year, especially since I want to have a party on More Light Sunday. For the sake of the party, please get out the vote in the remaining presbyteries!

Here are the presbyteries yet to vote. Their vote last time is in parentheses followed by what we hope will happen!

We need seven YESes.

Florida (41-46) Flip
Lehigh (60-46-2) Hold

Missouri River Valley (50-41-6) Hold
National Capital (222-102-1) Hold

Foothills (34-99) Miracle Flip

St. Andrew (30-50) Flip

Middle Tennessee (95-139-1) Flip
Peaks (74-136) Miracle Flip

Plains and Peaks (41-60) Flip

Pacific (100-90-3) Hold
Twin Cities (138-54-10) Hold
Kiskiminetas (34-70) Miracle Flip
New Harmony (20-99) Miracle Flip
Prospect Hill (12-63) Miracle Flip
San Gabriel (79-136) Miracle Flip

Boise (25-34) Flip

Des Moines (52-37) Hold
Charlotte (133-124) Hold
New York City (76-25) Hold
West Jersey (88-80) Hold
Shenango (4-101) Miracle Flip

Homestead (37-40-3) Flip
Sheppards and Lapsley (77-75) Hold
Los Ranchos (35-143) Miracle Flip

Missouri Union (31-48) Flip
Western New York (66-48) Hold

Peace River (62-83-1) Flip

Providence (39-48-4) Flip

Unknown Date (and likely no)
Dakota (no voice)
Hanmi (1-30)
Midwest Hanmi (?)
San Juan (no voice)
Suroeste (0-41)
Western Kentucky (17-42)


  1. TAMFS has been planning a service of Thanksgiving during our May board meeting for the progress we've made this year whether 10-A passes or not. Of course, we hope, pray, and work in the meantime.

  2. I'm counting 11 "holds" with 3 of them rather close...looks like its gonna b right down to the wire. Fear will likely get out a lot of voters...will Hope hold on?

  3. @Sonnie A Service of Thanksgiving is a great idea.

    @Rob It is kind of on the edge of your seat thriller.

    "Drama, Passion, Down to the Wire!"