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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Equality Minded from DC to Omaha

Two more presbyteries voted on Amendment A.

Two more voted YES!

National Capital continued its strong support for equality by approving the change to G-6.0106b by a vote of 204-80-3.

And Missouri River Valley (Omaha and environs) increased its pro-equality margin and approved A, 52-39-4.

Good, good news.

The tally is now 84-59.

That means only three more YESes to reach 87 and take a big step forward for equality!

This next week will be tough.

But look for surprises in St. Andrew, Middle Tennessee, and Plains and Peaks.

Of course, in every presbytery every time folks can witness for justice an angel gets her wings. So get out the vote and speak up no matter where you are!

It's all good.

On Tuesday, May 10th, we really look to add at least one more number (and hopefully two) to the YES column.

Then...maybe Boise will FLIP and clinch on 5/14?

Oh the drama!
Oh the suspense!

Here is the remaining schedule.

Sunday 5/1

Foothills (34-99) Miracle Flip

Tuesday 5/3

St. Andrew (30-50) Flip

Thursday 5/5

Middle Tennessee (95-139-1) Flip

Peaks (74-136) Miracle Flip

Friday 5/6
Plains and Peaks (41-60) Flip

Tuesday 5/10

Pacific (100-90-3) Hold

Twin Cities (138-54-10) Hold

New Harmony (20-99) Miracle Flip

Prospect Hill (12-63) Miracle Flip

San Gabriel (79-136) Miracle Flip

Saturday 5/14

Boise (25-34) Flip

Click here for the rest of the schedule.


  1. Foothills no, 64-95

    Increased equality vote from last time.

    Tally 84-60.

  2. Peaks no, 89-117-5

    Increased equality vote from last time.

    Tally 84-62

  3. Middle Tennessee FLIPS!

    Yes 93-86-1

    Tally 85-62.

  4. Plains and Peaks FLIPS!

    YES 73-51.

    Tally 86-62.