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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peeps for Justice

Here is a fine letter to the editor in today's Elizabethton Star. Thanks, Lori!!

I'm really proud to live in Tennessee. Folks here are smart, resourceful and have great work ethic. We're hard working, respectable people who can make something out of nothing. However, I'm having a hard time seeing anything respectable about this bill, HB0600/SB0632, that some folks in Nashville are trying to push on us. It opens up the door for workplace discrimination, which doesn't seem very Christlike. That's not to mention the fact that it would take away power from our local government and put it right in the hands of larger government.

I was proud of Rep. Kent Williams for opposing this bill but after catching a little flack he flip flopped on us. The bottom line is this bill sets a bad precedent and could potentially cost us jobs, tourism money, and drive more of our talented young people to go elsewhere. We have several great colleges in our area and yet so many of our young people don't choose to stay here. All I know is, I can't in good conscience vote for anyone who votes for HB0600/SB0632. It's a bad bill and it doesn't square with my East Tennessee values.

Lori Pickett-Jones
Johnson City
If you want more information on this bill of ignorance, please go here and sign the petition to urge your legislators to oppose.

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