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Monday, April 25, 2011

Resurrection and Amendment A

If the symbol of resurrection still means anything to us it ought to inspire us to work for justice. Matthew Fox was asked to share a few words about resurrection and he came up with Some Thoughts About Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Beyond:

To me, the “paschal mystery” of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the rabbi is an archetypal reminder about how, as science now teaches us, all things in the cosmos live, die and resurrect. Supernovas, galaxies, solar systems, planets, beings that inhabit our planet—we all have our time of existence and of passing out of existence. But we leave something behind for further generations and that constitutes resurrection.
So what does it mean for us? What is our hope? How should we live?
Good Friday rules for a short period. But the longer period is the new life and the victory over death and the fear of death that Easter Sunday represents. It is that hope that rises daily with every new sun. Moving beyond the fear of death we can live fully again and cease our immortality projects, our empire building and pyramid constructing (wall street too) and get on with…living. Which is sharing. Heschel: “Just to be is holy; just to live is a blessing.” Now our fear of death does not have to rule our lives. Now we can live fully, generously and creatively.
We are blessed now to have a unique opportunity to bring healing to our denomination and some amount of justice for those who have been shut out.

Let's get on with living.

The tally is 80-59.

Florida and Lehigh vote tomorrow. Looking for Florida to flip and Lehigh to hold.

Here is the schedule with each presbytery's voting date, the result last time, and what we hope will be the result this time around.

Let's live the resurrection!


  1. Florida Flips!

    Votes YES on Amendment A, 49-36!

    Tally 81-59.

  2. Lehigh YES, 68-48-1!

    Tally 82-59.

    Five more to go!