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Friday, February 29, 2008

Vote for the Next PC(USA) Moderator!

Only delegates to the PC(USA) general assembly get to vote for moderator. Thanks to widgets, you can cast your vote! And you don't even need to be Presbyterian! Here are the webpages and pics of the four candidates for moderator for the 2008 General Assembly.

Cast your ballot on the sidebar! You can vote until June 21st!

Roger Shoemaker

Roger is an elder who is the co-convener of the PC(USA) Czech Mission Network. He is endorsed by Homestead Presbytery. (PC(USA) news story for Roger)

Bill Teng

Bill is the pastor of Heritage Presbyterian Church, Alexandria, VA. He is endorsed by National Capitol Presbytery. (PC(USA) news story for Bill)

Carl Mazza

Carl is a minister and founder of a homeless ministry. He is endorsed by New Castle Presbytery. (PC(USA) news story for Carl)

Bruce Reyes-Chow

Bruce is pastor of Mission Bay Community Church. He is endorsed by San Francisco Presbytery. (PC(USA) news story for Bruce)

1 comment:

  1. Knowing virtually nothing about any of these people, I have to say that anyone that gives a rat's ass about the homeless is good enough to represent me.

    The Presbytery has too many Cadillac driving, 500$ suit wearing preachers for it's own good.

    A little humility and humbleness goes a long way when you're trying to convince the secular world that we're not a bunch of lying hypocrites.
    If in fact we even care about the image we offer in Christ's name.

    Often it seems we don't.