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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Bible Belt is Evolving

The Johnson City Press put my colleague's picture on the cover of the Faith Section.

Rev. Jacqueline Luck of Holston Valley UU spoke quite well for us monkey lovin' clergy here in Appalachia.

Here is
the article:
The theory of evolution and the notion that God created all are usually at odds.
However, they need not be, according to ministers participating in a worldwide event on Feb. 10.
Next weekend, a few area churches will participate in Evolution Weekend, a time for
pastors to promote the notion that science and religion complement each other. “Here, my sermon Sunday on the 10th will just be about the relationship of science and religion,” said the Rev. Jacqueline Luck of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Gray. “And for me my message is that science is revelation. I don’t know why we separate the two.” (Read More)
True, true! Thanks, Rev. J! Staff writer, Rex Barber, also threw in a few good words about us evolutionary Presbys. Three congregations in the Tricities are evolving. The third is First Methodist in Bristol.

Here is the list of participating
Tennessee congregations. Don't miss Evolution Sunday, February 10th!

Or you could go here for the TRUE story.

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