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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey! I Gotta Good Letter!

This is a letter to the editor in today's Johnson City Press.

Evolution and Christianity
I am writing to express my support for Pastor John Shuck of Elizabethton and his Evolution Sunday. It takes great courage to have an event like this in an area where so many have been falsely led to believe that the Bible is a scientific text to be taken literally, and are downright vicious to anyone who believes otherwise.

Pastor Shuck proves that you do not have to remain purposely ignorant of scientific fact in order to have Christian faith. And yes, evolution is a scientific fact, not just a theory. All reputable scien
tists agree that evolution happened and is still happening; the only debate is over its exact mechanisms. Funny how these Christian fundamentalists love science when it makes their cars run, lights their homes, or cures a loved one of a serious illness, but that same science is completely wrong when it comes to evolution.

If you need every word in the Bible to be true in order to be a Christian, you’re in big trouble, considering that the Bible contradicts itself repeatedly — for instance, there are two different versions of creation in Genesis. Plus I don’t see any biblical literalists killing adulterers or mouthy sons, as the Bible also commands. If you must have every word in the Bible be true for you to believe, then you have no real faith.
I could not be more thrilled that Elizabethton has someone like Pastor Shuck. Go John.


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  1. She's been reading you. I can tell by the rundown. :)

    You're one up on me, that's for sure.
    All we get at TN420 is death threats.

    At least we're important enough to kill. :D