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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A.R.M. Needs a Home!

A.R.M. (Assistance Resource Ministry) is in the process of purchasing a building in Elizabethton. This is a big deal. Here is a letter from my colleague and really cool guy, Tim Ross of Hopwood Christian Church:

Assistance Resource Ministry-that great ministry that helps the poor of Carter County with food and clothing...that group that keeps lights burning and heaters warming...that group that buys shoes and coats and backpacks and school supplies for kids...the group that packs Thanksgiving baskets and provides the needy of our area a hand-up...that group needs a home!

A.R.M. has rented space since its beginning, first on Broad Street, now on "C" Street behind the Ingles in Elizabethton. The extra room in our present location has come in handy. Libby Harvey and an army of volunteers have been able to stock furniture supplies for needy families and add extra freezers for gifts of frozen food. The current location is easy for folks to find, and has great parking.

In late 2007, the owner of our building put the building up for sale. The A.R.M. Board believes that the time is right for the ministry to have a permanent home. Not buying would mean another move, and we're doubtful we could find comparable space, location, and facilities at a reasonable cost. We want to give A.R.M. a permanent stable base of ministry.

Will you help us buy this building? We want to raise as much money as we can for a sizeable down payment in order to make our monthly payments more manageable. This non-profit ministry has always been a joint effort of area churches and individuals, and we need you to help make this happen. Could you give a one-time gift from your church or organization for the ARM Building Fund? We hope some churches will take up special offerings or Easter offerings. We hope individuals, clubs, and groups will make one-time donations. All gifts are tax-exempt and will go l00% against the principal to lower our monthly payments.

This past year, ARM volunteers (we have only one part-time paid employee) served a whopping 9,463 persons, 3876 families, counting repeat visits!! A.R.M. faithfully administers the gifts of many to serve the most vulnerable. That's the ministry God has entrusted to us. Thanks for being a part of all that. If you have questions, call Libby Harvey at 542-0919 or call me at 926-1194.

In Christ's love,

Tim Ross, Minister
Hopwood Christian Church


  1. Now that's what I call a cause.

    Since I have no more political donations to make, I'll see if I can't redirect some of those funds.

    Thanx, John.