Shuck and Jive

Friday, February 29, 2008

Juno for Juniors

We are taking the youth group to see Juno tonight. Word is that it is a pretty good film.

I was personally rooting for the Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight at the Real to Reel, but the youth just gave me a look--like that look I have seen so many times before. It is the look that says, "Why did we get stuck with the weird minister?"


  1. What memories! When I taught high school drama a few years ago my students consistently begged me year after year to do that show. As much as I love it, I did have to guide them into selecting a more suitable show for a public high school audience. I'm not sure students running around singing "I'm just a sweet transvestite..." would have gone over too well. Funny thing is that I never even suggested that. They always begged me to do it! Ironically, I do have to say that they year we were to do "A Chorus Line", I made the necessary "revisions" to replace any obscenities or inappropriate words so that it was good. I was called in by administration a few days later and informed that the only way we could continue was that if the one gay character was no-longer gay. I fought this one, but then finally decided the show was cancelled and we later picked and performed "Little Shop of Horrors". Thank heavens Seymour and Audrey were straight! Sure hope they did have a secret life of sexual swinging on the weekends!

  2. NEWSFLASH....I just realized it's been more than a few years....more like 8. Boy, time goes just too quick!

  3. John: Good food for thought on this film from Katha Pollitt of The Nation.

    Teen pregnancy is fun!