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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Opinion from Star Editor

This was the opinion of the Elizabethton Star editor. This is to what the youth minister was responding. I rather liked this piece:
Evolution Vs. Creationism
As evangelical Christianity gains popularity in Europe, so does the notion that evolution theory is evil and schoolchildren must be exposed to the belief that God created the universe. A Kentucky-based organization called Answers in Genesis is trying to bring creationist theory to Europe. Secularists are fighting back. Controversies have erupted in Italy, Germany, Poland and Britain, according to The Associated Press. Britain has a delicate problem as it takes over funding of about 100 Islamic schools, which teach a Muslim version of creationism. Officials fear that if they put evolution in the curriculum, they will be seen as anti-Islamic. Let’s see, now: Which version of religious theory should we teach in science classes? There’s more than one, you know. It’s better to leave public schools free to teach what scientific evidence supports, and to let religious people teach what they believe is the truth. Don’t mix the two. Many people don’t believe evolution contradicts religion, anyway. These debates generate more heat than light, and they will never be resolved.


  1. Yes, this puts Markland's letter in better context, which makes him look even sillier.

    As for the problem that is facing Britain, the fear of putting evolution in their teaching. They should omit this false teaching entirely. What should be taught to our children is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, arose in three days and now sits on the right hand of God.

    The "problem" in Britain is over how evolution should be taught in Islamic schools. Somehow I doubt Markland would agree that "what should be taught to our children is the Quran, the final revelation of God to mankind through His prophet Muhammad".

    If it's your own fundamentalist dogma being forced on someone else, it's lovely, but if it's someone else's fundamentalist dogma, it's abomination.

  2. Markland's letter is disturbing. He sounds like one of his wheels is about to come off. It's very Taliban-ish.
    Of the editorial he mentions, I like the line that said that debates on evolution versus creation "give off more heat than light."
    It would be so easy to go after him, but in the interest of consilience I offer a parable. As best I recall, I read this in "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him."

    In olden days a traveling man came to a village. Immediately he noted that all the village was in an frightened uproar.

    “Beware!” they cried. “There’s a terrible demon in our field, just over the hill. It’s orange and huge. It has a deformed body and it is very ugly! We are afraid it will eat our children.”

    Curious, the traveler crept into the field with several frightened villagers a safe distance behind him. To his surprise, the traveler discovered the “demon” to be nothing more than a 1000-pound pumpkin.

    “What fools these simple people are. These idiots are afraid of a pumpkin!” said the traveler.

    And with that he hoisted a large stone and smashed the pumpkin to bits. He picked up large pieces and waved them at the villagers, laughing and mocking them with shouts of derision. The villagers were aghast. They thought,
    “This stranger is worse than the demon! We must do away with him!”
    And they fell upon the man and pounded him to death.

    The next year, the very same thing happened. But this traveler, discovering the demon to be a pumpkin, told the villagers that they were right to be afraid. He complemented them on being wise and cautious in safe-guarding their families and children. He promised them that if they left the demon alone and did not disturb it, in a few days, the demon would repay them by leaving a large vegetable that could be turned into a delicious pie, enough to feed the entire village.

    The villagers said, “Truly, this traveler is a great man. He is full of knowledge and he will protect us. We must reward him with many gifts.”