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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Evolutionary Greetings

I was visiting my colleague over at Ponderings. He is one of the good guys. He also is celebrating Evolution Weekend. This Evolution Weekend thing is really picking up. It is becoming a yearly event, soon a tradition. Then, of course, it will be commercialized.

Every kid will want a bobble-head Darwin to take to church on Evolution Sunday.

We do not have as yet a catchy greeting. You know me. I am all about catchy greetings and slogans. How should we greet one another on this Evolution Weekend?

Here are a couple of thoughts...

Merry Mutations!
Evolutionary Blessings!
Hope you have a Big Bang!

You get the idea...


  1. John,

    Happy Evolution Weekend to you as well. I'm giving out CFL light bulbs this year! We're doing the environmental angle.

    And thanks for the compliment. I try to be a good guy, though not everone would agree!

  2. "Is that a Darwin Bobblehead in your pocket or are you just happy to be evolving?"

  3. "Natural selections to you my friend!"

    "Want to come back to my place and see the origin of my species?"

  4. Evolution rocks!

    We had a great homily at vigil mass tonight about creationism and the danger of being too literal.

    I thought of you and evolution weekend!

  5. Here are a couple:

    1. "progression by evolution and not revolution by revelation."

    2. "peaceful evolution in the place of violent revolution--peace on earth and good will among all men."

    3. By grace and faith, evolving towards divine perfection.

    4. Organic evolution is a fact; progressive evolution is its crowning truth.

  6. Evolution is a fact. Whether it is progressive is still conjecture