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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hillary Stole Our Slogan!

Well, actually, it is the other way around. I do enjoy reading Tennessee Guerilla Women. They make some very good and important points about sexism in politics.

As I have been saying, Democrats have this election to lose. It will depend upon how deeply connected we are with our favorite. Will Dems support whoever wins the nomination?

I lean towards Obama, because his policies are a bit closer to mine than Clinton's are. But I do have respect for Hillary Clinton.

She is a fighter and an incredibly hard worker.

When I lived in New York, she visited us in Lowville, in the most Republican-dominated (and poorest county) in New York State. She was impressive.

I moved soon after the election, so I don't know how New Yorkers feel she has done for their state, but I admired her election campaign.

Now I have to see how I can adapt that slogan to our 225th anniversary:

First Presbyterian! Kicking Methodist Ass With a Smile for 225 Years.

I shouldn't pick on the Methodists. However, you don't stay in business for 225 years without kicking somebody's ass. Fill in the blank:

First Presbyterian of Elizabethton! Kicking __________ Ass With a Smile for 225 Years.

Here are some ideas:
1) "our own" (kind of like the Democrats)
2) "Fundie"
3) Johnson City's

Whose ass we been kickin'?


  1. Thank you! In these divisive times, your words are appreciated. I envy people who are not compelled to argue passionately on behalf of one candidate or the other. It's hard on families, friendships, and blogger relationships. I wish this primary was over.

  2. Thanks Egalia, I wish it were over as well! Keep on!