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Monday, March 03, 2008

Check out Granny!

I got a nice e-mail from a grandma in Kingsport who asked if I would link to her blog. How can you turn that down? It is People Power Granny. Good thoughts there! I really don't have much of a list of blog links. I use bloglines. But then I thought, that's selfish. I really should link to the blogs who link to me and others that have good content. I am working on a link list on the sidebar.

I will include you, too, if you don't mind being associated with ___________________ fill in the blank!


  1. Linkage is love man- count me in if you are creating a blogroll.

    You stand proud on mine. Of course, so does Mad Priest.

  2. Gotcha Fran! Thanks for the link love...

  3. Well there must be love! You are after all my most favorite Presbyterian juvenile blogger! What's not to love?

    Plus there are not many of us who bridge the gap between OCICBW and Monkey Muck.

    It's you and me pal- we must stick together.