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Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Loch Ness Monster on Tape!

Here we go again. Here is a creationist argument in today's Elizabethton Star.

Another thought on evolution

In recent days there have been letters on the subject of Evolution vs. Creationism. Now, I would like to contribute my humble opinion.

In May of 1980, volcano Mount St. Helens erupted changing the landscape for miles around. A landslide carried trees down the mountain and into Spirit Lake. Divers exploring the lake discovered at least one large tree beginning to fossilize. This was less than 28 years ago. No, it does not take a million years, nor a thousand years, nor a hundred years for something to become a fossil. In another place there was found a large petrified tree extending up through several layers or strata of rock. Evolutionist say it takes millions of years for layers of rock to form. By the way, they also say they can determine the age of a layer of rock by the fossils found in it. Then they say they can determine the age of a fossil by the layer of rock in which it was found. This is circular reasoning. Make sense to you?

Coal miners discovered a petrified tree embedded in a seam of coal. Another time miners found a shoe in a lump of coal. There have been incidents when graves have been opened or eroded away revealing the body was petrified.

In each century there have been stories of people finding and writing about seeing dinosaurs. There is a swamp in Africa the size of Florida where missionaries report seeing Pliosaurs and that the local natives hunt them. The Loch Ness monster has been filmed and video taped, and there are scientists who believe it is a descendent of Pliosaurs. But dinosaurs are not welcome to live just anywhere, are they?

It is easier for me to believe that fossils and a lot more can be explained by a worldwide flood. Most of us have observed localized flooding, but imagine the whole earth covered by water. Then imagine all that water receding and flowing down to sea level, waters rushing along carrying sea life, plant life, animals, trees, mud and rocks into valleys and canyons -- everything settling into the mud. In many areas the mud would eventually become dry, revealing all kinds of fossils from all the pressure. This also explains why sea life fossils have been found on the tops of mountains. And as far as a worldwide flood, did you know that Noah is not the only one to give an account of the flood of about 4,400 years ago? Many cultures have in their history a report of a worldwide flood. Even the people of China trace their generations back to a flood that covered the earth.

I say evolution is not an unassailable fact. It is a theory. Evolutionism is a mantra. They think if they repeat it often enough people will believe it. Sad to say, this is taught in our American system of education.


  1. Apparently they don't teach it well enough. A worldwide flood? Come on. And the water comes from where? Outer space? The hollow earth?

    Again, I think the problem is fear, fear that accepting evolution will necessitate the loss of faith in God. It just isn't true.

  2. There's a world of truth in Doug's comment, "Apparently they don't teach it well enough." Are science classes optional in high school?

  3. A hollow earth? Heavens no! Everyone knows the earth is flat. Duh.

  4. No, Rastus, not optional, but in many states the requirements for the number of science classes taken is the same as the number of PE classes taken: one.

  5. Is this guy serious?

    If so, then congrats, John, he just made your job a heck of a lot easier. If one relies on proving the existence of the Loch Ness Monster to make a point, then one is far beyond clutching at straws.