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Monday, June 23, 2008

General Assembly at the Ballgame

Inspired by watching the Johnson City Cardinals defeat the Kingsport Mets in their home opener, here is a baseball metaphor for the GA regarding lgbt issues.

This is slightly revised, from in my opinion, easiest to more difficult:

  1. Walk--Revise the Heidelberg Catechism to its original language.
  2. Single--Approve John Knox Overture regarding AI of G-6.0108.
  3. Double--Render obsolete the 1993 Authoritative Interpretation.
  4. Triple--Send new definition of marriage to the presbyteries.
  5. Home Run--Send delete G-6.0106b to the presbyteries.
  6. Grand Slam--All of the above.

The committees are meeting today and tomorrow. Watch the developments on PC-Biz.

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