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Thursday, June 26, 2008

When They Revile You, Respond With Cookies

On Wednesday anti-gay protesters hassled the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.

Signs read:

"Homosex is a Threat to National Security"

"Homosex is Sin! We don't Hate Homos--God Hates Sin"


"Warning Fornicators, Liars, God Haters, Drunks, Thieves, Adulterers, Homosexuals, Judgement"

Members of New Church (R)evolution kneeled and prayed peacefully.

They offered cookies to the anti-gay protesters as a gesture of hospitality and peacemaking.

See more pictures here.

Read more about this, find out more about the New Church (R)evolution and see more great pics of their witness for an inclusive church throughout this General Assembly.


  1. Giving them cookies is nice. :)

    But beating them up is a gas. ;)

  2. Reason doesn't work. Maybe prayer and cookies will. Who knows? Of course, they're no doubt praying too. So I suppose the cookies might be the tie-breaker.

  3. I am for cookies.

    Make cookies, not war.

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  5. Unless they're raisin cookies. I've heard God hates raisins almost as much as he hates homosex.

    Don't ask me to quote scripture on that one, though.

  6. I'm confused on two fronts. Is "Homo Sex" like the "Homo Milk" they sell in the Super Wal Mart? And whatever it is, how is it "a threat to national security"?

    Is this what the LayMAN hath wrought? They got Fred Phelps to start showing up at General Assembly? Gee, thanks, guys.

  7. "Is this what the LayMAN hath wrought? They got Fred Phelps to start showing up at General Assembly? Gee, thanks, guys."

    Phelps? I thought these were pictures of the LayMan folks. How could anyone tell the difference?

  8. Yes it is the layman people plus the New Wineskins people. Take a look at the NWAC response.

    It's them alright. NWAC is having a conference in Atlanta in August. Let's go! We could protest - let's see if they give us cookies! I like lemon cookies and NWAC should stark stocking up now.

  9. I love how the conservatives are now accusing Covenant Network of pushing its agenda (which actually the board decided not to do to the consternation of its membership) at the expense of the unity of the church. I mean, just compare those schismatic Covenant Network types, especially compared to the unity-building tactics of New Wineskins, whose reason for existence is simply laying the groundwork for splitting the church!