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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Polls to Assist Our GA Commissioners

Here are the results of the Shuck and Jive polls. First for moderator of General Assembly:

Roger Shoemaker
1 (1%)
Bill Teng
23 (28%)
Carl Mazza
9 (11%)
Bruce Reyes-Chow
48 (59%)

It will be curious as to how the votes that count turn out, tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. Watch it on live streaming video.

Here is how Shuck and Jivers responded to the poll on same-gender relationships:

11 (22%)
"Definitive Guidance"
5 (10%)
5 (10%)
Pastoral Care
5 (10%)
14 (29%)
8 (16%)

If you were to add the Prohibitionist and Definitive Guidance folks, you end up with 33% who want to retain our current policy. I would say the other 67%--two-thirds would be in favor of removing the discriminatory language at this GA! Commissioners, take note!

What are the roots of homophobia? Shuck and Jivers responded:

By hating gays people can reassure themselves they are not gay.
8 (17%)

Hating lesbians and gay men is seen as a litmus test for being a moral person.

21 (45%)

Heterosexism enforces gender norms.

17 (36%)

And, what is the number one reason, we have not as a society or a church done the right thing regarding equal rights?

Not enough people care about rights for minorities unless it affects them.
5 (11%)

The church provides false information about God's will.

10 (22%)

The church rewards homophobia as a sign of righteousness.

10 (22%)

Too many people think this is about sex not citizenship.
5 (11%)

People who know better are unwilling to speak out.

1 (2%)
Homophobia is a money-maker for the right wing.
3 (6%)

Not enough people have gay and lesbian friends.
0 (0%)

Homophobia is a culturally acceptable prejudice.
10 (22%)

It was hard for Shuck and Jivers to pick just one, but the church seems to be the major contributor to injustice.

Perhaps at this General Assembly, the church will do the right thing? We have been given a great opportunity, a kairos moment. Use it well.

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