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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go Bruce!

Bruce Reyes-Chow is smokin' hot. He was elected moderator of the PC(USA). Here is the breakdown:

First Ballot:

    • Carl Mazza--14%
    • Bruce Reyes-Chow--48%
    • Roger Shoemaker--2%
    • Bill Teng--35%
You need 51%, so they did a second ballot:

    • Carl Mazza--7%
    • Bruce Reyes-Chow--55%
    • Roger Shoemaker--1%
    • Bill Teng--36%
The Shuck and Jive poll nailed it. Teng and Shoemaker were more conservative and Mazza and Reyes-Chow were more progressive. Both Bruce and Carl spoke out for lgbt inclusion in the church. Teng and Shoemaker were not for lgbt ordination.

This could signal that this GA is ready to make the needed changes and move to a more youthful, inclusive, church.

It is fun watching all the action of the live stream and watching the comments of live GA Bloggers (see the sidebar).

Good night.

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