Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holy Cow! I think he's going to make it!

Church Orders Committee just voted 41-11 to delete G-6.0106b and remove 1993 AI!


  1. If it does, then I think some of us will be looking for a mid-season transfer....

  2. Alan, you are right about that.

    Stushie, that is your call.

  3. I wonder if we've gotten to that point where the vast middle of the church has finally gotten sick of arguing, said "to heck with the fundamentalists--they'll find any excuse for schism" and is ready to move on (the way we did with race and gender).

    Have fun debating whether the Biblical ban on women in the pulpit is an "essential of the Reformed faith" in the EPC! I can see it now, the splits into the EEPC (Extra Evangelical PC), SEPC (Super Evangelical), REPC (Right Evangelical PC), HTTPC (Holier Than Thou PC, not the Church of the Internet), EEAIHPC (Everyone Else is a Heretic PC), ANPC (Am Not PC), ASPC (Are So PC), etc.

  4. I love the idea of the "new" group being the HTTPC, though they surely consider themselves that already...