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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He spits; eyes the runner on first...

I used the metaphor of the ballgame for lgbtq issues at GA. Here is where we are in the bottom of the second:

Heidelberg Catechism--The start of the revision process is headed to plenary possibly tomorrow (Wednesday). A letter in support of revising it has been signed by 32 seminary faculty.

What is the revision about? In a nutshell, the catechism contains the phrase "homosexual perversion" that was never in the 16th century original. It was added in the 1960s! It is the only reference to "homosexuality" in the confessions and is used as a weapon against lgbt folks. The committee approved beginning the process of restoring this confession. We may headed to our first base on balls.

John Knox Overture--The Church Orders Committee approved 43-15 the John Knox overture which would allow scrupling for candidates for ordination, which was the intention of the Theological Task Force and the last General Assembly. The ball looks good off the bat. Could be a single!

Baltimore Presbytery swung for the bleachers and missed. The proposal to make the definition of marriage more equal was defeated 38-20. This is the first time this overture has come to GA. 33% is not a bad start. Read Jack Cover's analysis.

The committee is facing the pitcher regarding changing the 1993 AI and sending delete G-6.0106b.

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