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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Attaboy Kent Williams!

Just when we thought the right wing in Tennessee was going to move us to the right of Saudi Arabia, Rep. Kent Williams of Elizabethton becomes Speaker of the House. Best Republican we could get. Check the story:

In an extraordinary move in the opening session of the state legislature this afternoon, Republican Kent Williams won speakership of the House, beating veteran Democrat Jimmy Naifeh and Republican leader Jason Mumpower, who was widely expected to get the post.

Shortly after, Williams voted for Democrat Lois DeBerry for speaker pro tem, the number two position, illustrating his willingness to power-share with Democrats who elected him to the speakership.

Williams, while a dark horse candidate, was not completely unexpected. There had been rumors weeks before that Williams, who had supported Naifeh as speaker in the past, might defect from the Republicans.

The election of Williams was what Democrats called the “nuclear option:” electing a Republican who was friendly to Democrats, creating coalitions between the parties. As recently as Monday, Mumpower had dismissed such talk, saying that Republicans were united. (Read More)


  1. It is sad to see someone who claims to be a Christian cheer for this man. He lied and betrayed the trust of his colleagues. He is a sad man. There is very little Christian about your blog, but even someone claiming to be a Christian can see that this man is a self serving liar.

  2. Well, Michael, with no profile given, you don't even have the guts to identify yourself as you call people liars. Who's Christian now?