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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hissy Fit

Here is a fine letter to the editor by our own irrepressible Snad regarding Kent Williams and his election as Speaker of the House:
As someone who feels a certain kinship to the participants of the Boston Tea Party, I appreciate Rep. Kent Williams’ election as speaker of the state House of Representatives. I am also more than a little amused at the David Davis-style hissy fit being thrown by Republicans. You say Williams betrayed the Republican Party, because he made a promise to vote for Mumpower as Speaker. To whom do you think Williams owes his allegiance, anyway?

If he did promise to vote for Mumpower, and a better candidate came along (never mind that it was him — pretend it was another Republican), would he be showing greater integrity by voting for the lesser candidate, simply because he said he would? He felt he was the better candidate and could do more for the people of Tennessee as speaker. I happen to agree.

Williams has shown that his allegiance is with the people of Tennessee. I have had more than enough of the party line and hold out hope that Williams will be able to reach across party lines so my feeble progressive voice is heard at least a little bit.

And as for the people who are calling Williams’ restaurant and his elderly parents and making threats against him, you are a class act. I’m sure the Republican Party is quite proud.


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