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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

PCUSA Washington Office Urges Action on Gaza

This is from the Presbyterian Washington Office. You can enter your zip code and contact your representatives through them right now. Here is the statement:

Urge Immediate U.S. Efforts to End Gaza Violence, Restore Cease-Fire

The escalating Gaza violence of these past days has been a sobering jolt from holiday celebrations. For Palestinians and Israelis, there has been no peace.

It is urgent that United States call all the parties to restrain from using force and, rather, to trust a diplomatic process. The current violence has caused only the suffering of innocents and both sides have descended into callous behavior that will set the peace process back for many years. The majority of the population of Gaza is made up of children who now have nowhere to run from the violence, and who were already suffering from malnutrition because of the blockade on Gaza. On behalf of those children and the children of Israel, both sides must halt this spiral of violence. We mourn the loss of life on both sides and call now on the United States to exercise bold leadership to immediately end the violence, restore the cease-fire and lift the blockade of Gaza's borders.

The White House and Capitol Hill offices are sure to receive countless messages supporting a continuation of the Israeli military offensive. They need to hear from concerned American Christians that the U.S. must work with international partners to bring about an immediate cease-fire for the sake of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Please take action today and call for a immediate cease-fire. Send an email using the sample email on the next page and call the White House Comment line at 202-456-1111

Sample talking points:

* I am calling as a concerned American Christian, with a deep sadness about the escalating Gaza violence.

* I urge you to take immediate action, together with international partners including Egypt, to help restore the cease-fire, end the border blockade, and establish real security at Gaza's borders.

* For the sake of Palestinians and Israelis, the violence must stop - both the unconscionable Palestinian rocket attacks and the disproportionate Israeli military responses. Hope must be renewed for a just and lasting two-state solution.

Without an urgent diplomatic solution, both Palestinians and Israelis will suffer, the risk of a broader confrontation will increase, and hope for continuation of the Annapolis peace efforts will grow ever dimmer.

The Bush Administration is in its final weeks, but it has an opportunity now to take serious action on behalf of Israeli-Palestinian peace and to safeguard U.S. interests. Congress too must encourage and support American diplomatic leadership.

The Stated Clerk of the General Assembly issued a statement today calling for all violence to stop. He states, "As followers of the Prince of Peace, who has shown us that true victory comes only through non-violent reconciliation, we yearn for an end to sixty years of conflict, violence, and oppression, all of which have left scars on all parties regardless of ethnic, religious, or political identification and have contributed to wider uncertainty about global peace. It will require not only our fervent prayers, but a renewed commitment to action so that when a cease-fire is achieved, it is followed by a new commitment by all parties to the rule of law as the only path to justice, security, and freedom for all."

H/T Witherspoon

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