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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Why Gaza? Why Now?

Israeli forces have moved into phase two. The ground attack has begun.

From the BBC.

From Al Jazeera.

Norman Finkelstein offers this perspective on why the Israelis are taking this action now:

There are two conclusions that emerge: the people of Gaza are seemingly being severely victimized for reasons remote from the rockets and border security concerns, partly to improve election prospects of current leaders now facing defeat, and to warn others in the region that Israel will use overwhelming force whenever its interests or military preeminence are at stake.
Pray (and act) for peace.


  1. Why Gaza? Because they're largely unarmed and few.

    Why now? Political pressure. Much of which comes from the Zionist-coddling Bush regime.

    Remember. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Lieberman, Wolfowitz, Podhoretz, Kristol, Robert Zolleck, Scooter Libby....
    All PNAC, all Zionist.

    Nothing has changed yet.

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  3. Outrageous! I posted the lyrics of Judy Collin’s “Song for Sarajevo “ and Pablo Picasso’s historic painting, “Guernica “ 1937 on my blog for the people of Gaza

  4. Oh this is tragic beyond belief. I have emails from my cousins (Jewish and Zionist and live in Israel) crying out about how they would love to live in peace but for the Gazans. They then go on and on about disproportionate response - which is a farce.

    Check out this link Jewish Voice for Peace.

  5. Thanks Fran, and thanks for the link. Movements like that give me hope.

  6. I have been receiving a lot of pro-Israel stuff, particularly from two friends I grew up with. I can't believe that people can look at the same situation and have such opposing viewpoints. I can't justify this action, even though I've tried to see it from both sides.

    Act for Peace!

  7. John - check this out too.

    Saw it today- wow.

  8. Fran,

    That is wonderful. I need to get the DVD of that.

  9. Oooh! Ooooh! I see a movie night in our future!