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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush Presidency: Eight Years in Eight Minutes

Keith Olbermann summarizes Bush's presidency. Watch this!

H/T Rev's Rumbles


  1. Wow.

    There it is there.
    Heh, I don't know of any talking head on earth that could have pulled that off any better.

    Other than being wrong about Osama still being alive, it was perfect.
    (Though I'm confident that Keith realizes that the elder Bin Laden is dead and he just mentioned it to illustrate the fact that Bush failed to get him).

    Keith mentioned the injustice in Gaza. Therein lies the difference between "Jewish" and "Zionist". Olbermann, Amy Goodman, many others....all Jewish, all good people who know evil when they see it.

    Thanx, John....and thanx Keith. :)

  2. I've realized what's been missing these past few days. I'm not a member of Obama's booster club (the politicians I support will never be supported by the majority) but I've felt it -

    I'm no longer filled with shame for being an American. I'm no longer weighed down by overwhelming disgust at what the government is doing. Granted, I'm not happy, but...its like we've finally divorced an abusive spouse, who hurt us and abused us, but told us all the while it was for our own good.

    Good riddance to the worst president in a long time; perhaps indeed the worst president ever.