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Friday, January 09, 2009

Peace Man, Hope Man

A commenter on Viola's blog linked to Life Must Go On in Gaza and Sderot. Here is the blog description:
This blog is written by 2 friends. One lives in Sajaia refugee camp in Gaza and the other lives in Sderot, a small town near Gaza on the Israeli side. There is ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza which has intensified greatly since October 2000. Many have been killed and many have been injured. The media coverage on both sides has been extremely biased. Our Blog is written by 2 real people living and communicating on both sides of the border.
[Your comments are welcome]
This is exactly the kind of thing we need to make peace. We need to keep talking across lines of division. This is what it means to love one's enemy.

Prayers for hope and peace and for hope man and peace man.

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  1. There's no question that the average citizen on both sides wants peace and wants it now.

    They are the reason to oppose all forms of aggressive imperialism. They are the ones who suffer the consequences.