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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza Scorecard


Palestinians 930 (4000 injured)

Israelis 13

From DemocracyNow!

Gaza Suffers Most Intense Bombardment of 18-Day Israeli Assault

Residents of Gaza suffered the most intense bombardment of the 18-day war last night as Israel warplanes carried out strikes throughout the Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks supported by warplanes have reportedly moved into several southern neighborhoods of Gaza City. The Palestinian death toll is now at least 930. More than 4,000 Palestinians have been injured. 13 Israelis have died over the past 18 days.

The United Nations estimates about 60,000 Palestinians have fled their homes but many residents of Gaza have no where to go to see refuge because all of the Gaza border crossings are closed.

On Monday The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution condemning Israel of “grave violations.” The non-binding resolution said Israel"s attack had “resulted in massive violations of human rights of the Palestinian people”.

Churches for Middle East Peace just sent an e-mail saying that contacting congress is working:

Your advocacy made a difference! The concerns of Churches for Middle East Peace were heard by many of your elected officials, through constructive floor statements and in key improvements made to Congressional resolutions on the Gaza crisis that passed quickly late last week. Twenty-four Members of Congress, lead by Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA), also wrote a letter to President Bush on Friday to express their "deep concern for the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip that threatens the lives of countless innocent Palestinians". The letter included issues raised by two Israeli NGO's who were the featured speakers at a Thursday Congressional briefing on the Gaza humanitarian situation, co-hosted by CMEP and Jewish and Arab-American collegial groups.

Now we must keep the pressure on! Please take action today and ask Congress to immediately move forward on helping to achieve a cease-fire, address the pressing humanitarian situation and pursue a long-term political solution.

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