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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't Miss Sunday!!!

The Center for Progressive Christianity Promotes "Pluralism Sunday" For Progressive Christian Communities

This coming Pentecost, May 27, 2007, TCPC is inviting all affiliate congregations and other churches around the country to celebrate what we are calling Pluralism Sunday. We are encouraging the progressive Christian community to take this opportunity to celebrate the harmony and understanding that is possible among followers of different religions and spiritual traditions.

Pluralism Sunday is a step toward breaking down the walls of pride and prejudice that fuel culture clashes and foster physical violence in our homes, in our communities, and in the world.

We are proposing Pluralism Sunday as…

  • time to bring people of other faiths to preach or help lead worship

  • time to teach young people about the validity and value of other faiths

  • time to integrate other religious traditions in worship through songs and liturgy

  • time to let your wider community know that your church embraces religious pluralism: it’s an evangelism opportunity for reaching the many people who reject Christianity because they think it claims the only path to God.

  • time for national and regional publicity for participating churches, through the TCPC network

Stay tuned to for more information about this event and how you can participate. For now, put Puralism Sunday on your church calendar! And be thinking of ways you can celebrate it. If you have an idea to share, email Rev. Jim Burklo, TCPC’s Pluralism Sunday coordinator (

First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton is going to participate.
At 9:45 Dr. Bill Kirkwood will provide an introduction to Buddhism during the Adult Forum. Worship at 11:00 a.m. We invite all attendees to wear bright orange, yellow, or red (or all three) to symbolize the Spirit!


  1. You are advocating universalism, which has never been accepted by the PC(USA).

    You are leading these people astray.

  2. Welcome Stushie. What is your definition of universalism?

  3. I don't know if Stushie will bother to answer your question, but in case you are interested, he launched a full fledged attack against you in his blog, where you might get a better idea of his hostility towards those he considers to be universalists.

  4. Thanks Seeker,

    Obvioiusly pluralism creates a great deal of emotion. Humanity's challenge will be to discover what this emotion is about.