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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nice Press for Pluralism Sunday

We received a nice write-up today in the Johnson City Press: Churches to Participate in Pluralism Sunday.

(Except that the article said First Presbyterian Church of Johnson City rather than First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton!)

The Elizabethon Star gave us a
nice plug as well (scroll down). And the Elizabethton Star did a feature on our wonderful administrator/treasurer, Beth Hodges. She will be getting a raise for that!

Here is the article about Beth, written by Greg Miller of the Star:

"I am very thankful for my connection to the church of the open arms in Elizabethton and all those that I have grown to know and love in my church family," said Beth Hodges.

"...I am proud to be the secretary of First Presbyterian Church. I have a fabulous family and many great friends which I have enjoyed sharing life with through the years.

"The secretary of the church is often the connection between the congregation, the elders, and the pastor," said Hodges.

"I find that one of the most challenging aspects of the position is maintaining the trust of all who find a spiritual home here. It is vital to the work of the pastor and the church that anyone seeking counsel or help can do so with full confidence that only the information they wish to share will be given out. And when a situation, or event in a person's life occurs that they wish to share with others who will celebrate, understand and support them, it will be given in a loving and positive manner. People see the pastor and the secretary as representative of the whole church and therefore I am mindful to conduct my life in a manner that reflects positively on the church."

In addition to spiritual growth, Hodges says it is a privilege "getting to know and work with the intelligent and talented people who attend this church. This is definitely one of the benefits. Another benefit is the way the members of our church treat me with kindness and respect. That gives me a wonderful sense of value. In addition, the elders of the church have given me the flexibility to change my schedule when needed..."

Pastor John Shuck, Hodges says, is a great boss. "He does all that he can to make my job easier, and is constantly looking for ways to help me complete the tasks at hand," she said.

Hodges says working at First Presbyterian has given her "a feeling of being in God's will and I strive to find my place in the big picture of the church while keeping up with all the aspects of being the office manager here."

Hodges, who grew up in a small community in Virginia's coalfields, graduated valedictorian in her class of 36 students. She has gained her skills through personal study and hands-on experience. She believes that "to stay interested in life, you have to continue to learn new things and remain open and ready for growth."

Hodges has worked as the office manager of a construction company, and as a bank teller and administrative assistant. She has worked as a bookkeeper and assistant in the Johnson City School System.

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