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Friday, May 18, 2007

James Dobson and his 90 Minutes of Fame

I have never been in close contact with the President of the United States, any president, or presidential candidate for that matter. Yet James Dobson claims that he spent 90 minutes with President Bush last week. What kind of clout does it take to meet with the President of the United States for 90 minutes? Check out this from The Raw Story. The article begins:

President George W. Bush met privately with Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman James Dobson and approximately a dozen Christian right leaders last week to rally support for his policies on Iraq, Iran and the so-called "war on terror."

“I was invited to go to Washington DC to meet with President Bush in the White House along with 12 or 13 other leaders of the pro-family movement," Dobson disclosed on his radio program Monday. “And the topic of the discussion that day was Iraq, Iran and international terrorism. And we were together for 90 minutes and it was very enlightening and in some ways disturbing too."

Dobson and his pals from the "pro-family movement" met to discuss Iraq and Iran. I guess that being "pro-family" means he has special insight to international politics. But that's not all. Dobson apparently bragged about all of this on his Monday radio show. Click that link then move to about 21 minutes when Dobson starts. Here is more:

Dobson went on to enumerate a series of meetings convened by Christian right leaders in Washington to discuss the supposedly existential threat to the United States from a nuclear Iran.

“I heard about this danger [from Iran] not only at the White House but from other pro-family leaders that I met during that week in Washington," he said. “Many people in a position to know are talking about the possibility of losing a city to nuclear or biological or chemical attack. And if we can lose one we can lose ten.

"If we can lose ten we can lose a hundred," he added, “especially if North Korea and Russia and China pile on.”

Here is the clincher:

Later in his broadcast, during a discussion about Iran with author and self-proclaimed “prophecy expert” Joel Rosenberg, Dobson drew a parallel between current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Adolf Hitler.

“The world looked at Hitler and just didn't believe him and tried to appease him the way we're hearing in Washington today,” Dobson remarked. “You know, the President seems to me does understand this, as I told you from that meeting I had with him the other day, but even there it feels like somebody ought to be standing up and saying, ‘We are being threatened and we are going to meet this with force -- whatever's necessary.’”

Dobson continued, “Some of our listeners might not like that but I tell you, if we didn't stand up to Hitler, we'd be speaking German today.”

Got your drum? Beat it to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers. The right-wing Christians will be leading it. Iran is next. Saddam was Hitler. But Hitler has now been reincarnated into the president of Iran. I haven't listened to Dobson's program before. But I listened to the whole thing tonight. It is amazing how politically active Focus on the Family is in government. It is not politics alone. It is religion as well. Dobson quotes the Bible as prophecy. His program is filled with apocalyptic language of evil. According to Dobson, we are in the last days. Nothing in his program about diplomacy, negotiation, or conversation of any kind. It is all black and white. They are evil and we are good. It is all planned out in the Bible.

Listen to this program. It will be enlightening regarding the vision of the "pro-family" folks like Dobson who are the biggest supporters of this current administration and its policy of war.


  1. I would appreciate a discussion of Armageddon; it would be fascinating and enlightening. I know little about the concept, and thus don't have a way to counter those who claim our current conflict with Islam and the Middle East is the beginning of it, and that we are powerless to stop it (translate: we understand God's plan perfectly but can't control our own actions).
    It frightens the dickens out of me that people like James Dobson can spend time with the President while literally millions of people speaking out against the war are ignored or ridiculed.

  2. Greets, John.

    Dobson, The Clown Prince of the Evanganoids. These haters of freedom are sucking air and going down for the last time.

    It figures that Bush would meet with them, they're all he has left. Still trying in vain to push their failed, anti freedom agenda almost as though they were in a collective state of clinical denial.

    America has said "NO" to these Taliban in the past, "NO" to them today, and it will be "NO" again in the future.

    What's really sad about these people is that their faith is so misguided and weak that they fear not being able to legislate it might somehow bring an end to Christianity. They obviously don't have much faith in God if they think man can destroy Him.


    To snad.....
    Hi. :)

    Paranoid people have been howling about the world coming to an end since it began. Each generation insists it will be in their time. All of them are wrong.

    The book of Revelation shouldn't even be canonized. John was merely rewriting the book of Daniel from memory and that's how it came out.
    All it takes is one uneducated, buffoon of a preacher to twist such writings into something dangerous.
    Daniel may have forseen the Roman Empire, but we'll never know for sure, and in religion, speculation is very dangerous.

    Here's a link about it, but I warn you, this site is run by paranoid idiots and you should take their beliefs with a grain of salt.

    Keep a guarded mind and the Love of Jesus in your heart.

  3. Hey Snad and TN420,

    I think I am talking to Star Wars characters. I think a couple of posts about end times stuff is in order. Thanks!

  4. I'm quite likely one of those that completely misread Scripture and especially the Synoptic Gospels, but I thought there was some mention made of "blessed are the peace makers..." Little did I realize that what the Gospel writers meant was "blessed are the prophetic novelists who twist Scripture in order to propagandize their narrow geo-political paranoia." The "last jihad" indeed. Will this new breed of apocalyptic nut-cases never be silenced?

    Dobson is a real tool, a fear-mongering ultra-paranoid that has built a profitable empire on perpetrating irrational anxiety. His violent and abusive upbringing has been well-document in published media. I'll bet he has a "Get US out of the UN" sign on his front lawn. He is a dangerous man, and should be watched very carefully. the way(inside joke), I speak German today.