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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Interfaith Relations

Hat tip to Full Court Presbyterian for an organization I didn't know existed. It is the North American Inter-Faith Network (NAIN) and the PCUSA Interfaith Relations Office (another entity that passed under my radar) is a member of NAIN.

Here is the work of the Interfaith Relations Office of the PCUSA:

The Interfaith Relations Office seeks to support those in the church who are interested in, concerned about or engaged in building interfaith relationships. As Presbyterians learn about religious diversity, we reflect theologically on our relations with neighbors of other faiths. We also seek avenues for cooperation, or look for education resources and practical models for bringing communities together. We hope you will find helpful information and resources on this Web site.

Congratulations to all of you hard workers in this office. You should all get a raise!


  1. Finding common ground can be productive if properly applied. At least seeking it can be.
    When I used to attend Community Bible Study we had Presbys, Baptists (all flavors), a few non-Christians attended once in a while...
    The only problem was that a few Fundis would show up and that would reduce the collective IQ so low that it became annoying. Most of the time was spent trying to explain to them that Jonah was an ancient children's bible story about keeping the faith and not a literal instance.
    They just couldn't grasp it.

    I personally feel that such efforts should be spent more on interacting with those of other faiths like Hindus, Jews and Muslims. Preaching to the choir, which is normally what "Interfaith Relations" tends to amount to, accomplishes nothing substantial from a worldly point of view.

    We've talked about "exclusivism" here recently. "Interfaith Relations" often bears that particular scarlet letter unfortunately.

    Like anything else, handled properly it can be good. Handled irresponsibly and it's a waste of time.

  2. I like inter-faith talks - I would totally suggest more of this openness. Doesn't it seem like the times are a changing in our midst - things with our faith seem to becoming unglued and each of is starting to realize we are brothers of the same Christ. Is it just me or do you all sense this unity too?