Shuck and Jive

Monday, May 21, 2007

Here you go, kids...

From CNN,

Gas prices:

Worse than

'81 oil shock

Gas now at highest level, even adjusted for inflation; AAA's reading of nearly $3.20 a gallon marks ninth straight record high in current dollars.

Want to waste time on which religion is correct? How about we do something about what really matters? Thanks to Tennessee Guerilla Women for this one:

So we have on one hand Global Warming and on the other Peak Oil. Hey, if there is not enough oil in the ground to burn enough CO2 to warm the atmosphere that is good news. However, if there is not enough oil in the ground, how are we going to run everything that has any meaning to us?

In an earlier post, a commenter suggested that environmentalism is the new apocalypticism. He could be right. However, there is no divine savior for this one. We are on our own. Time to get together and figure out what to do. See the screening of Kilowatt Ours this coming Sunday evening from 7-9 pm at First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethton!


  1. Pretty sick isn't it?

    Not that your entire post is about gas but seeing those prices brought back memories to 1999 when (live here in New Jersey) gas cost as little as 92 cents. Yes, less then a buck a gallon.

  2. Yup, we have enjoyed cheap oil for quite some time. I think now is the time we will pay for it. But, hey, New Jersey has still the cheapest gas in the USA!

  3. No divine savior??? Have you totally missed the halo on Barak Obama?

    Looks like it's time to consult the Goracle of Appalling.