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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Plum Festival Tomorrow

Here is an article from the Johnson City Press about the Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City. Looking for a big crowd, nice weather, good tunes, and a great time! 11-11 Friday and Saturday.

I am finding a number of great theology blogs. Check out my blogroll on the right. I use bloglines which tells me when a blog is updated. Holy Vignettes by Heather Reichgott is a good one. Heather just posted an article about G-6.0106b entitled, "The End of Don't Ask Don't Tell?" For Non-Presbyterians who wonder what G-6whatever is, the article will tell you. More Light Presbyterians has a great list of welcoming congregations (that are Presbyterian). Just four of us in Tennessee. Hopefully, more churches will come out of the closet and extend a welcome.

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