Shuck and Jive

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sausalito Summernight

This one is for Mystical Seeker who blogs eloquently at Find and Ye Shall Seek.

It is also for the good folks at the Sausalito Presbyterian Church. May the Mystical Seeker find you one day and find parking. See here for reference.

Now, I remember dancing to this song in my dorm room when I was a Freshman in college in the early 80's. I especially liked singing the chorus, Sausalito Summernight.

It all comes back to me!

Diesel was a one-hit wonder, and here is the one, Sausalito Summernight, with some footage of California traffic.


  1. Wow, that song rings no bell whatsoever for me. :)

  2. OK, so here are two more songs about Sausalito, since I apparently have nothing else to do today:

    Click and listen to Under the Dock in Sausalito by Arnott Bratton and Pope from RadioSausalito.

    And of course, Maureen Brill with Sausalito

    That one would be better if she were on pitch.

    But there is another song that has Sausalito somewhere in the lyrics. It is just bugginge me. "Sting" and "The Police" come to mind, but I don't think it was them.