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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Arrest Him!

This is from the MadPriest. It is obvious that the MadPriest is a juvenile disgrace and must be reported to the appropriate theological authorities.


  1. Well, you can't place much stock on what that old sinner, Madpriest, has to say.

    I've been trying to get this brother to see the light for over two years now. It's a thankless job, I'll tell ya.


    Lord have mercy!

  2. Grr! Any denomination that fails to censure 'heretics' is evil! Grr!

  3. I wasn't having a go at Grace. I was having a go at evangelicals.

  4. "I wasn't having a go at Grace. I was having a go at evangelicals."

    And a good go it is.

  5. I think we ought to for the sake of clarity have some new names for the evangelical camp. There are a couple of varieties. Some evangelicals don't think other evangelicals are evangelicals because the second group of evangelicals actually does give a bug's butt about the environment, social justice, gay rights et al.

    I am thinking of Gnostic Evangelicals vs. Whole Earth Evangelicals or something along those lines.

    The Whole Earth Evangelicals are the ones, BTW, who care for the actual Earth and its people rather than focusing on heaven and hell and all that silliness.

  6. I think Whole-Earth vs. Crotch-Centered Evangelicals might be a better distinction. And they're both different from fundamentalists. Unfortunately of course, most people who call themselves evangelicals are actually fundies. Real evangelicals are a pretty rare species these days.

  7. Well, hey, does it have to either or. Part of the way we walk out our faith as Christians is to "do it to the least of these." Caring for the poor and needy, working for social justice is part of the way we show our relationship with Jesus, and witness to the truth of the gospel.

    I think there are different aspects to the salvation that we have in Christ, and different aspects to the kingdom of God, as well.

    Of course, we should be good stewards of the earth, and care for creation , be focused in the here and now, how we can make a positive difference.

    But, John, it's also true that we can't fix ourselves by ourselves. We need a Savior, and the new life that comes in Jesus Christ. And, at the end of life, how awesome is the sure and certain hope of the resurrection, to be found in Him. (Jesus)

  8. Today he announced in the comments to this post that he was a bit jealous of your juvenile designation.

    So I gave him one of his own.

    I think I have the power to do that...