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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Evolution Discussion on Arise to Truth

Here is the February 21st radio broadcast by Rev. Wesley Simons regarding the Evolution Sunday article in the Elizabethton Star. The program, Arise to Truth, is on WZAP, Bristol.

This is the sermon I preached on Evolution Sunday.

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  1. Jim McKay: "He's peddling as fast as he can on his cute little tricycle! He's peddling, he's peddling..he's nearing the outer rim of the Grand Canyon...he's almost there, and ............
    Oh! Folks, what a tragedy! He didn't make it! Folks, let's go now to Al Michaels at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and see what he has to say from there."

    Al: "Incredible folks! You won't believe this, but he survived that incredible fall off the edge of the Grand Canyon and he's...still...PEDDLING!!! You heard me right, listeners. He's still going! Let's go to our in-studio analyst, Howie Long, to hear his take on it, folks."

    Howie: "From what I can make of it, his survival can be attributed to the fact that no one in the scientific community could prove that he would fall to his death if he tried to jump the Grand Canyon on a tricycle. What faith! Bless his heart! Back to you, Jim."