Shuck and Jive

Monday, May 19, 2008


He did it. It didn't take long either. I have been denounced by Monkey Muck even after I have endorsed him. I suppose he has a good reason. I missed Snad and John's party on Friday. It was John's birthday. OK, OK, I'm sorry. Snad and John are wonderful people and I will make it up to them, somehow.

I missed my chance to convert Monkey and Sparky to the true religion, too. So lay on the guilt for their eternal damnation. Sheesh.

But this is what happens when you invite Monkey to a party.

He hogs the cake.

Anyway, happy birthday, John! Here is a song for you!


  1. I forget... is the magic formula "renounce, reject", "denounce, deject" or "pronounce, project" to get icky Controversial Pastor Germs off?

  2. It depends. If you have a brain, just a simple denunciation and a moist towelette should work. According to Fox Noise, though, CPGs never wash off!

    Anyway, I'm thinking seriously about denouncing Monkey's denunciation. I think it was short-sighted and simply a move to bolster his numbers in the polls. I would hate to have people think I had anything to do with his statements, too. It might reflect poorly on my numbers!

  3. By the way, Mr. Dewey loved the musical homage! He owuld have commented himself, but was concerned it would be endorsed by the wrong person.