Shuck and Jive

Friday, May 23, 2008

For Those About to Rock...

Well I am as giddy as a schoolboy regarding the response to PFLAG Tri-Cities.

We have a lot of interested people, academics, professionals, parents, youth, business owners, ministers...

We have a webpage.

And a weblog.

And a phone

We have a yahoo discussion group.

And a banner.

And lgbt friendly businesses.

And a booth at the Blue Plum Festival.

And if anyone tries to mess with us...

...we got Snickers.

We are moving equality forward, Appalachia!

For Those About to Come Out, We Salute You!


  1. Chester and Sally are standing in solidarity with Snickers - spiritually, anyway. That is when they're not sniffing his butt.

  2. That reminds me of a Far Side cartoon. I think the scene is military. One dog says to the other:

    "I know you are who you say you are, but regulations require that I sniff your butt."