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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jim Berkley Invites Correction from Jesus

Hey Everyone!

Secretary of Jesus, 9B8 Gamma Sector here! I want to give you an update on Jesus and Merry Mary M. They are doing just fine. Lovin' the trip across the galaxy.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill is on drugs. Last year, July 7th, 2007 (07/07/07) was when Jesus had planned to return for his second coming.

As you recall, it didn't work out. You can read the whole story on the sidebar. He has other things to do and will return instead sometime in 2525. That is where we left it.

Well...the rumor just won't go away. This year, August 8th, 2008 (08/08/08) is another big date. Jesus is tempted to take a quick turn around and come again after all. He really loves eights.

And he would really like to send a couple of folks to the naughty room.

I can't say anything more about that little juicy rumor, but I can tell you that he is not too happy with the "Oh, so righteous." Some of them are in dire need of correction. You know who you are.

If he were here...

In fact, truth be told, Jesus doesn't like church folks much at all these days. Jesus told me that if y'all wanted to take a break from church this summer, that would be just fine. If you need an excuse for your preacher, Jesus recommends this one:


  1. It's easy when guys like Jim contradict their own argument in the very same post they attempt to make it in.

    Jim says that it's illegal for a non profit to support a "particular candidate". Then states himself that WS advocated "the Democratic Party".

    The Democratic party is not a "particular candidate".
    At least, not to adults that have been educated beyond Jr. High School.

    LOL and a half. :D

  2. "I'm the baby Jesus and I approved this post."

  3. Thanks for that ah delightful rendering of my Matron Saint; I knew she'd be a star. Could we get a reference--impurely for artistic purposes, be assured.