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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thou that Walkest the Labyrinth... a WITCH! John Adams of the LayMAN, in his delightfully paranoid article, "Parallels Between Israel and Judah and the PCUSA," compares the objects of scorn of the Hebrew prophet, Micah, with the Presbyterian Church. He finds plenty of parallels. Here is number four:
"Witchcraft, idolatry and the occult. Micah links all three. Perhaps they're not obvious in the PCUSA. But are there signs? The fascination with labyrinths--often set up for General Assembly commissioners to take meditative walks--makes many who take God's Word seriously uneasy."

Labyrinths are Satan's playground!

You guessed it. First Presbyterian of Elizabethton is constructing a labyrinth as part of its 225th anniversary celebration.

Here are some witches, druids, pagans, elves...

warlocks and faeries...

loafers and ne'er-do-wells...

at one of our labyrinth workdays.

It is going to be pretty cool.

The labyrinth path will be wheelchair accessible. Folks will design their own stones to place on the pathway.

We hope to have it completed by Fall...

...just in time for Halloween! Bring your coven!


  1. Didn't labyrinths enter the Christian lexicon during the middle ages as a metaphorical crusade to the Holy Land?

    Fundamentalists don't like metaphors. Plus, labyrinths require meditation - a form of introspection, self evaluation and repentance. In other words, it's a thought process.

    Nope, that would not go over well with the folks at the Layman. Not a chance.

    But comparing other Christians to Micah's Israel, that will bring its own reward. Jesus had words for people like that.

  2. "Walkest"?

    Is that like Walketh but longer?


    Anyway, the Labyrinth is a deeply spiritual thing.
    Therefore, far beyond the extent of the Right's ability to perceive.
    And as with all that falls into the Fundi "we just don't get it" zone, heretical in nature.

    Remember, John. For every bad vibe you get from the Right, you receive a blessing from God.

  3. Good lookin' bunch of heathen pagans you got there workin' on yer fancy labirynth!

    They are wonderful for meditation, and thought. Blessings to you all as you work to complete it for the coven festivities!

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  5. Hmmm. I wonder how they feel about this?

    Man! They must be a real hoot at parties, these LayMAN folks!

  6. About 5 years ago my friends (gay - clearly witches or warlocks in this case... and also RC like me. Bad.) built me a labyrinth in my backyard.

    No one accused me of devil worship, but my neighbor's then 9 years old, told his mom that I had a crop circle in my backyard.

    You are a dangerous man John Shuck.

    And that is what I love most.

  7. I had a look at the Layman paper. That is one scary rag! Talk about fear and loathing!

  8. To think there are people out there who actually read that trash...

    And buy into it...

    And pay for it... so that you can get it for free and unsolicited...

    But it fills a void.

    There should be an alternative to the Layman, but there is none. They take the field by default. We need an equally comprehensive newspaper that gets free delivery and online coverage to tell the true story behind all the propaganda and right wing hate and fear mongering these guys like to pass on as gospel. Almost 40 years dedicated to taking down the PCUSA.

    Not very effective. Not helpful, but not effective either. They are just passing gas in the wind.

    But I do think an opposite type of magazine >would< be effective.

  9. Jodie--"They are just passing gas in the wind." quote of the day

    Cap'n--Methinks I needeth to brusheth up on mine King James

    Eileen--yup, the best lookin pagans in Tennessee

    Snad--I think they would feel that you will be spending eternity in hell.

    Fran--Crop circle! I think it would be a fun contest to see if folks can guess what it is...

    Rastus--they do know how to bring on the Christmas cheer...