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Monday, May 19, 2008

Radio Gaga

Kerry Holland and I were interviewed by Dave Hogan and Carl Swann of 910 AM WJCW on their morning program, "Thinking Out Loud." It was a very good interview and Dave and Carl were excellent, informed hosts. You can hear the podcast of the interview here

PFLAG Tri-Cities will have a booth at the Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, June 6-7. Look for us at Majestic Park.


  1. I was able to listen in this morning, you and Kerry did a fantastic job!

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  3. It was good - you had your DJ voice on, John, and Kerry did well, also! I guess I was most impressed with how matter-of-fact supportive the hosts were, and how they immediately presented it on a personal level. I was, frankly, gobstoppered!

    You can find a link (if I can do it right) to the podcast here

  4. Thank you! I was impressed with the hosts. I listen to their program now and again and find them to be gracious, bright, and interested in what is happening in the Tri-Cities.

    This is generally the case with talk radio. The locals are far more intelligent that the hosts of the syndicated feeds (ie. Rush Limbaugh)

  5. Yes, and it gave me an opportunity to acknowledge my inner dj:

    "Hey Babies,

    We're spinnnin' stacks of wax, one hit after another on Shuck and Jive!"