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Monday, May 19, 2008

Network News: Swimsuit Issue

I am not sure what it is about the board of the Witherspoon Society. They don't listen to everything Shuck and Jive tells them, like more pics of people in swimsuits in their magazine.

I know the magazine takes the high road in terms of intellectual vitality and journalistic integrity, but a little skin, tastefully done, could round out their perspective. They got the soul, now they need a little body.

I suggest that the next issue of Network News be the swimsuit issue, beginning with pics of Witherspoon board members in their bathing attire.

Here are three Witherspoon Board Members. After a long day of fighting for social justice, these serious folks know how to cut loose.

These Witherspooners take a break from analyzing issues to prepare for the Witherspoon Beach Party.

This is the kind of news Presbyterians expect. Ah well. I am sure they will call me for advice. The
Spring issue of Network News is out. Here is Reese to tell you all about it!

Hey Presbys! Check out the magazine named for my ancestor, John Witherspoon! You will find articles about the issues the PC(USA) is facing, such as gun violence, the new social creed, poverty, health care and interviews with the four candidates for moderator. I love the Witherspoon Society. And I agree with Shuck and Jive--more bathing suits!

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