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Monday, May 05, 2008

Progressive Preachers Speak Out

Thanks to Rev. Chuck Booker-Hirsch for an Op-Ed piece in an Ann Arbor, MI paper. This is a piece he wrote last August in response to a news story about a local clergyperson who came out. I found this because he posted it as a response to Bruce Reyes-Chow's question. You can find the article on Alan's blog. Here is a pic of Chuck on his congregation's website.

Also thanks to Ray Bagnuolo of Palisades PC. Ray's latest blog post addresses the stalling tactic, "but it just isn't time yet...."


  1. Hey Shuck,

    Have you seen this?

  2. No, I hadn't seen that. Not sure what to make of it. While I, for one, am concerned about more justice for the Palestinians, I didn't notice that that call was anti-semitic.


    Oh please.

    A whitewash of Zionism? Zionism is simply the Jewish form of Nazism and nothing less. It is not more complicated than that. Zionists just tend to insist it is.
    Zionists want a holocaust of Palestine. "Jews" do not. Therein lies the difference.

    First, the "Jews" are not to blame for the execution of Jesus. The Jewish leaders of that time are to blame for the false witness and betrayal of Jesus that was the catalyst of his murder.

    Had there been no betrayal, there would have been no execution. "By way of deception" indeed.

    Regardless, Zionism is the primary agitator in the middle east and those who practice it do not want peace.
    They are no better than radical Islamists. They control Israel's government (and ours for the past eight years), they target civilians in the most brutal fashion using state of the art weapons to attack unarmed people as we saw in Beruit.

    They have called us "friend" to our faces while spying on us and stabbing us in the back.
    This pussy-footing around the truth is exactly what's been wrong with the church for so long.

    Ever request transcripts of the NYPD reports from 9/11? It wasn't Muslims that were found celebrating in the streets of NY immediately after the attacks.
    There are many different kinds of Jews. Orthodox Jews reject Zionism too. Most Israelis are secular.

    "Anti-Semitic" is anything that isn't kissing Zionist ass these days. But hey, Sunni Muslims are "Semitic" people too, so I don't care to hear the term "anti-semitic" unless it's applied to the Zionist/BushCo war on Iraq.

    I'm gonna stop now because this topic really boils my blood.

    Suffice to say that I agree with divestment until Israel begins treating Palestinians like humans and not animals.
    The Israelis are NOT the victims, though they love to play that card.