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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Covenant Network Conference

The Covenant Network is having their November gathering in Minneapolis, November 6-8. Walter Brueggemann and William Stacey Johnson are the speakers and preachers include Barbara Lundblad, Eily Marlow, Diane Givens Moffett, and John Wilkinson.

This will be a good conference to attend as folks will be meeting to discuss strategies regarding how to communicate to our presbyteries why the General Assembly sent a change G-6.0106b.
You can register for the conference here.

For a helpful history of how the PC(USA) has come to this point check out The Ordination Question in the Presbyterian Church by Gene TeSelle. See also updates to Moving Toward Ordination With Justice on Witherspoon.

A new B.
An idea whose time has come.

You know what, Presbys? It is time to do this. Justice has been put on hold for too long already. No more information is required. No more "waiting on the Spirit" is needed. This is the right thing to do. It is the Jesus thing to do. The GA wasn't afraid of being called names like "apostate." The GA wasn't afraid of threats of supposed membership loss or threats of financial loss or threats of schism.

If the far right screams and hollers and calls for schism, it is their choice. If that is where they want to draw their line, then it is their call. In the meantime, we will be faithful to Christ's call, "Feed my sheep."

We will not only survive whatever the right wing throws at us. We will thrive. For every member who draws the line on this issue and leaves, we will gain two more who are looking for an inclusive church. Concern for membership gains and losses is not the priority. The priority is to follow the call of Spirit and to welcome all who Christ welcomes. "Seek first the Reigndom of God," he said. The Reigndom of God includes those people the church has targeted for exclusion.

It is the right thing.
It is the right time.
Let us get in the right frame of mind--the Mind of Christ.

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