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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Republicans Bumped Me!

John McCain has made it personal. Obviously, he doesn't want me talking about evolution and the Jesus Seminar in the Tri-Cities.

His little stunt today of interrupting the WCYB channel 5 noon news with his announcement of a running mate sealed the deal. I was scheduled to be on that noon news show. I was there. I was ready to go on. But I got bumped in favor of McCain's tribute to Northern Exposure. Oh, but I will be back, Mr. McCain. You can count on that. I'll be back Monday, Labor Day, on the WCYB noon news.

I'll be back to talk about evolution and the Jesus Seminar. And you won't stop me. I won't be silenced by you.

Now, since I have your ear, the shameless ploy of selecting Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, in order to steal Hillary Clinton supporters won't work. Sure, she's cute (and younger than I am for crying out loud). I am certainly fond of Alaska. But Clinton supporters aren't going to trade the issues for which they have fought their whole lives for some Alaskan eye candy.

But back to me and you, chico. You stole my television air time today. I won't forget it. I am on to you, now. Oh yes. I. am. so. on. to. you.


  1. There was a time when John McCain didn't bump liberal ministers from the local news. And that time was when he was a POW, in case you didn't know that Mr. Jesus Pants.

  2. Crap man- you got bumped by McCain and his gun-loving, choice-hating, snow-mobiling, oil-drilling, creationist...

    Sweet baby Jeebus, get ready the rapture will be here before you know it.

  3. gun-loving, choice-hating, snow-mobiling, oil-drilling, creationist... OH and I forgot, anti-LGBT...

    You've been had, Schuck!

  4. Jesus pants says to check out the Monkey and the Fran for more links. Thanks Fran, for the creationist tip! : )

  5. The reaction from Hillary supporters so far has been both predictable and REALLY satisfying:

    You really think I would vote for Palin because she has ovaries and Hillary has ovaries? Do you think I'm STUPID?