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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Your Christian Voter Guide

If Fred continues to stay away from church, he may not know how to vote. Wallbuilders, a religious right organization has church bulletin inserts all ready to go. You can be completely misinformed about the candidates on all the issues that Jesus rates a priority.

You might be interested in what Talk2Action has to say about this. For instance,

In Barton's first Voter Guide, McCain had a "NO" in his column for "Supports a national Human Life Amendment." So, to give the now preferred candidate a "YES" on this issue, Barton just changed the criteria from "Supports a national Human Life Amendment" to "Supports Protecting the Lives of Children Who Are Born Alive and Survive a Botched Abortion." Obama's confidence in doctors to make the ethical decision to do whatever they can to save a living baby, with or without a law requiring them to do so, of course, gets him a "NO" for this one.

McCain also had a "NO" in the first Voter Guide for "Supports a Federal Marriage Amendment." Back in 2006, McCain voted against the motion to invoke cloture and vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment. So, to give him a "YES" on supporting "traditional marriage" in the new Voter Guide, Barton again lowers the bar, changing the criteria from the original "Supports a Federal Marriage Amendment" to "Supports Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)."

Details Schmeetails. Onward Christian Voters!


  1. I don't know what to do, here I am a Christian pastor, and I didn't know that supporting an assault weapon ban was anti-God. Shame on me. I should have known that Our Holy Warrior God would want us to all be able to shoot assault weapons -- like Sarah Palin -- whenever we wish!

  2. No, John, I can safely stay away from church. I have your blog to guide me in how to vote. LOL

  3. God, Guns 'n Gays... Oh my Lord, how long, how long?

  4. Guns, sticks, machetes, Humvees, stones and slingshots (the last two being Scriptural faves)--whatever it takes to bring this wicked nation "back to God!"

    Seriously, I went with my parents to the Florida megachurch they attend and almost broke out in a sweat as their "praise and worship" almost entirely consisted of militant army songs urging them to "defeat the enemy" and "secure the land."

    All too well, I realized a good chunk of this crowd had no clue about distinguishing reality from metaphor. (OK, I admit it: my opinion of the good people of Florida is not too high.) But as they clapped, waved, and hollered to the bellicose beat of the pseudo-U2 band, I started to think, "Dear Lord, if one of them is packing and figures out I'm queer, I'm a goner!"

    It sure did feel like this bunch was itching to take to the streets, sort of like the torch-bearing villagers in "Frankenstein." Which made me think about Germany. If I had time and knew exactly where to look, I'd try to find out what kinds of hymns and messages were popular among churches that signed up for Hitler's agenda. They had to go beyond "Onward Christian Soldiers."

    Now, can we talk about why Palin's unwed, pregnant daughter is entitled to God's forgiveness (according to James Dobson and his ilk), when Clinton's dalliance with non-productive sex made him Evil Incarnate? Is there a boat to anywhere but here (preferably France) that I can jump on?