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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michael Dowd Press Release

Here is the press release for Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow.

The Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, 136 Bob Jobe Road in Gray, and The First Presbyterian Church, 119 West F Street in Elizabethton, are combining efforts to bring "evolutionary evangelists" Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow to the Tri-Cities, September 7, 8, and 9.

Reverend Michael Dowd is the author of Thank God For Evolution! He explores the relationship between science and religion, showing that one can accept evolution in a way that strengthens rather than undermines religious faith and values. Backed by some of the world’s top scientists, including 5 Nobel Prize winners and a long list of religious leaders, Dowd’s new book boldly declares that the war between faith and reason is over. He offers the missing link in the debate over Darwin vs. Design: Evolution Theology.

Dowd, an ordained Christian minister, and his wife Connie Barlow, an acclaimed science writer, are packing pews and leaving audiences across America awestruck with their programs that present evolution as theology, not theory, and science as divine revelation. Since 2002 the couple have lived out of a van, permanently traveling the continent, teaching and preaching the "Gospel of Evolution" -- a message that has earned them the moniker: America's Evolutionary Evangelists.

During the workshop, Rev. Dowd tells the evolutionary story, our 13.9 billion year history in a dramatic and exciting way that captures the mind and the imagination. Grounded in mainstream science and preached with pentecostal fervor, the former anti-evolution fundamentalist turned evolutionary missionary shares a “God’s eye view” of everything from microbiology to supernovas. His provocative program is inspiring evolutionary epiphanies among believers and non-believers alike, and liberating literalists left, right, and center.

“Finally, a God that makes sense!” blurted out an atheist audience member at a recent Colorado presentation.

“The universe took 13.7 billion years to produce this amazing book,” said John Mather, NASA Senior Astrophysicist and a 2006 Nobel laureate in physics.

“The science vs. religion debate is over!” exclaimed Craig Mello, a 2006 Nobel laureate in medicine.

"Trying to understand reality without an evolutionary worldview is like trying to understand infection without microscopes or the structure of the Universe without telescopes,” claims Reverend Michael Dowd, an ordained Christian minister and former Baptist and United Church of Christ pastor. “It’s not merely difficult, it’s impossible. These are not the End Times for humanity, they are just the beginning! Earth is billions of years old, and we only emerged a few million years ago, a geological blink of an eye. Fossils were not put here to test our faith; they were left behind by a divine creative process that made everything we experience around us and within us. Fossils teach us faith by showing proof positive of the grace that has guided us safely through deep time to the present moment.”

The events begin Sunday, September 7th:

Sunday, September 7th:

* Michael Dowd leads worship at First Presbyterian (11:00) and the Adult Forum (9:45).
* Connie Barlow leads worship at Holston Valley UU (10:30).
* Connie Barlow leads a multi-generational workshop on the relationship between science and religion from 3-5 p.m. at HVUUC with a potluck. This workshop will be geared to both children and adults.

Monday, September 8th:

* At 7:00 Michael Dowd will lead a workshop at First Presbyterian.

Tuesday, September 9th:

* At 7:00 Michael Dowd will lead a workshop at Holston Valley.

Each workshop is different. Participants will benefit by attending all events. The events are free and open to the public. No pre-registration is required. Childcare will be provided. Donations will be accepted for their work. Dowd will have copies of his book, Thank God for Evolution! for purchase.

For more information contact Reverend Jacqueline Luck at 423-477-7661 or email, minister at hvuuc dot org or Rev. John Shuck at 423-543-7737 or johnashuck at embarqmail dot com. Visit the congregation's websites and and the Thank God for Evolution! website at

Publicity photos here
Color Poster (pdf)
Media Contact, Paul West at media at thankgodforevolution dot com or 541-359-1886

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