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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Followup to Expand Your Mind Week

Of course we are tickled to welcome Michael Dowd, Connie Barlow, Mark Koenig, Hal Taussig, and Arthur Dewey to Elizabethton for Expand Your Mind Week, September 7-13.

But that won't be nearly as big as what follows. We are going to invite The Fair Education Foundation, Inc. to show us the truth of the Bible and how "The whole scheme from Copernicanism to Big Bangism is a factless lie."

We are calling it Shrink Your Mind to the Size of a Walnut Week.

Check this:

"An electromagnet and computerized sensor hidden in its display stand cause the Earth to levitate in the air. Could God have engineered something like that for the real Earth? The Bible and all real evidence confirms that this is precisely what He did, and indeed:The Earth is not rotating...nor is it going around the sun."

h/t just blame bill

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